BRC Incident Recall Withdrawal

BRC Global Standards - Incidents, Recall and Withdrawal Documentation Package

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BRC Global Standard Documentation Package includes documents on Incidents, Recall and Withdrawal for BRC Standards

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You will save time and effort in your regulatory compliance implementation

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Created by Experts

Our documents kit is developed by industry experts from ISO and API.

The BRC Incidents, Recall and Withdrawal package meets the requirements as per the user needs 

The package incorporates procedures that includes process on fixing the issues that occur in a business, contains detailed requirements on incident teams. it also includes forms to ensure whether the information recorded properly.

The document package requires the user to comply with section for management of incidents, Product withdrawal and product recall 

The package includes a product incident flow chart that assist those who involved in the incidents to communicate at the correct time 

The procedure also contains a decision tree instructs the user, how to handle the affected product during the event and templates are used to maintain records of key contact list and incident management team.

Contingency fact sheet that helps to understand what you have to do on the loss of power or water supply on the site and for natural disasters. The package provided with best 3 responses to handle those situations

The package also covers emergency response during a pandemic situation like COVID-19.

The pack covers

The pack meets incidents, withdrawal and recall for standards below

  • BRC Food Safety (issue 8).
  • BRC Packaging Issue 6 (high and basic).
  • BRC Storage and Distribution (issue 3).
  • BRC Agents and Brokers (issue 2).

This document package includes 

  • Procedures on Product Withdrawals, Incidents, Product Recalls 
  • Incident Record Form.
  • Key contact list template
  • Incident Decision Tree 
  • Contingency Action Plan for Incident Team Members.
  • Contingency Fact Sheet to Handle Natural Disasters.
  • Example briefings for site personnel
  • COVID – 19 Policy on Medical Screening and Emergency Response Plan.

Method of Delivery of BRC Incidents, Recall and Withdrawal Document

BRC Incidents, Recall, and Withdrawal Document Package commencing at a price of 170 USD. will be delivered via email in 24-48 hrs subject to payment confirmation.

  • The Documents were written in English and hence they are user friendly.
  • They are designed by experienced experts in Food Safety. 
  • They are customizable. 
  • They include quick access links
  • The package is available with a full instruction guide manual so it is easy and simple.

Achieving compliance and certification made easy with these kinds of documents. Here are some of the benefits of using our document package for BRC Incident, Recall & Withdrawal

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